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Twins Squeeze by SUNY Adirondack on Sophomore Night
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Twins Squeeze by SUNY Adirondack on Sophomore Night


Hudson, N.Y- Columbia Greene Community College Men's Basketball team squeezed by SUNY Adirondack on Thursday, February 21st. The college honored their four sophomores for their contributions over the years and unwavering dedication. The four sophomores are Michael Alert, Jihadu Brunner-Brown, Bright Afful, and Daniel Folds. The Sophomores were honored alongside their family members during halftime. In addition, the game was highlighted by freshman Kevin Diaz accomplishment of top three-point scorer for the team and sophomore Jihadu Brunner-Brown achieving Third Team All-Conference. The Twins move to 13-13 in overall mark and 6-7 in conference competition.


The matchup began with both teams on each other tails. It was a slow start with both teams battling to put up some points on the board. The Twins took the early lead but that would diminish quickly. Ultimately, the Twins were down at halftime 46-39.  The leading scorer for the Twins in the first half was Bright Afful with 10 points.


The Twins came out with some fire in the second half. They quickly got the game even and took the lead for a short time. Lots of back and forth as the lead changed hands many times in the second half. With the Twins up by three, 86-83, and just seconds left Daniel Folds had a big block to stop Adirondacks chances of scoring. When the horn blew, the Twins clinched the game with a final score of 87-83.


Top scoring contributors for the Twins were Jihadu Brunner-Brown totaling 23 points with 3 assists, Kaijah Rodgers and Daniel Folds both dropped 12 points, Michael Alert chipped in 11 points with 9 assists, Bright Afful finished with 16 points and 12 rebounds, and Anthony Diaz with 7 points and 3 assists.


The Twins will be back in action, Saturday, February 23rd as they head to Fulton-Montgomery Community College for their last game of the season. The game is set to start at 3PM.