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Fitness Center Policy

1. You must sign in and out each time you use the facility.

2. Use of the facility is during the scheduled hours posted only. Unauthorized use during off hours will result in loss of privileges.

3. Collars are required once there is more than one plate on the end of the bar.

4.  A spotter is requried for every set after initial warm-up set when using the bench press. Otherwise the safety must be properly set for all other equipment.

5. Weight are to be moved from the rack to the bar only. Do not set them on floor or lean them against the walls or equipment.

6. Strip all bars immediately after use and return dumbbells to the rack in the proper order.

7. Food, drink, gum, tobacco and toothpicks are not permitted in the fitness center. WATER only in scured top container.

8. Swearing, spitting, or defacing the facility is not tolerated.

9. Horseplay will not be tolerated.

10. Bags, Books, clothing, and other personal items may not be kept in the fintess center. Lockers can be obtained through the Athletic Department. Staff is not reponsible for holding personal items.

11. Use spary bottles and towels for wiping down equipment after use.

12. Proper exercise attire only. Shirts are to be worn at all times. Sneakers only. Zippers need to be covered so they don't tear pads on benches.

13. Please do not dorp weights or bang dumbbells together.