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Hall of Fame Criteria


  • To enhance CGCC and the CGCC athletic program.
  • To honor selected CGCC athletes.
  • To pay tribute to outstanding achievements.
  • To reestablish ties with former CGCC athletes.
  • To honor special service to the program.
  • To maintain camaraderie of those associated with the program.
  • To elicit continued identity and support for CGCC and the athletic program.


  • Must have participated in a sport for at least one (1) season.
  • A minimum of five (5) years must have passed  since competition
  • Outstanding athletic contribution at CGCC  demonstrated by:
    • All-Region,  Mountain Valley Conference and NJCAA awards
    • Voted MVP, Team Captain, or other team awards


  • Must have given a minimum of three (3) years of service. 
  • Made a significant impact and/or special recognition to the sport or sports the nominee coached

Examples of significant impact                            

  • Coach of the Year selection
  • Established a school record(s)

Contributor/Community Member

  • A non-athlete nominee who, in some manner, made a significant impact, special recognition, and/or an extraordinary contribution to the success or furthering of CGCC athletics