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Student Athlete Code of Conduct 

Representing C-GCC as a member of one of its athletic teams is an honor and a challenge involving a great deal of individual responsibility. Academic progress and success are the first priorities. Good study habits and utilization of time are necessary to strike the proper balance to do justice to studies and athletic team requirements. Having been selected as a member of a college team is a tribute to high skills levels and dedication to sports. Superior athletic performance is one part of this responsibility. Athletes must practice the ideals of sportsmanship, and must respect coaches, teammates, officials, opponents and spectators. Athletes must observe the C-GCC Student Code of Conduct Policy, the Student Athlete Code of Conduct, and the NJCAA Code of Conduct. The regulations apply not only to on-campus incidents, but also to any off campus incidents. Violations of these rules may result in suspension or dismissal from the athletic team. Any violations of the Student Code of Conduct Policy will be overseen by the Vice President and Dean of Students and Enrollment Management. All suspensions or dismissal for violations of the Student Athlete Code of Conduct or an individual team’s guidelines will be administered by the Athletic Director. C-GCC athletes are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner prior to, during, and after all athletic practices and contests, both home and away. As representatives of the school, deviations from the rules of common courtesy, lack of respect for others, and use of inappropriate language will not be tolerated. In addition to referral through ordinary disciplinary channels, athletes may be subject to the following sanctions if violations are reported by a coach, spectator, opposing team representative or official:

  • Written warning
  • Benched for one or more contests
  • Suspension from practice/play for a specified period of time
  • Suspension from team and removal from roster.

Appeal: Athletes subject to any of the above sanctions may appeal to the Vice President and Dean of Students and Enrollment Management within three business days after notification.

Injuries/Insurance/Health Assessments: If a student is injured as a member of an intercollegiate sport, he/she will inform his/her coach and report the injury to the Director of Health Services. The student must report the injury at the time it occurs.  If the student cannot report the injury immediately, he/she will report it the injury immediately, he/she will report it as soon as possible to the Director of Health Services and fill out an Incident Report. The student is responsible for obtaining insurance information from the Office of Human Resources in Room 207.

Equipment and Paperwork: Uniforms and equipment issues to athletes remain the property of the Athletic Department. All uniforms are to be returned after each game. Other uniforms must be returned at the completion of the season. Grades and transcripts will be withheld until remuneration is made for lost or damaged uniforms or equipment.


Athletic Director: Walter Rickard

Office: 307B

Phone: (518) 828-4181 extension 3556

 Student Athlete Code of Conduct Agreement

  • To receive an education;
  • To provide an opportunity to develop excellent academic skills and knowledge, enhanced by life skills developed outside of the classroom.
  • participate in a two-part student-athlete success workshop prior to the start of practice or play
  • submit a completed and approved physical form to the Director of Health Services before the first practice


  1. It is the responsibility of the student athlete to attend all classes, first and foremost, before considering participation in athletic practices or games.
  2. It is the responsibility of the student athletes to attend classes regularly and promptly.
  3. It is the responsibility of the student athlete to plan ahead and manage time wisely. A student athlete must prepare for assignments and exams during the entire semester; not just on the day when an assignment is due. Balancing both academics and participation in athletic programs requires preparation at all times.
  4. If a student athlete must miss a class because of a contest, it is his/her responsibility to make arrangements with the instructor to make up all missed work, all in accordance with the instructor’s course syllabus.


  1. A student athlete is expected to conduct him/herself in a mature, responsible manner on and off-campus. A student athlete must abide by the Student Code of Conduct and the Student Athlete Code of Conduct.
  2. Alcohol:
  • There is no drinking on campus. Columbia-Greene Community College is a dry campus.
  • Any student athlete who is 21 years of age must abide by NYS laws and not purchase, supply, or host alcoholic events for anyone younger than 21 years of age.
  • Any student athlete who is younger than 21 years of age and is caught drinking off-campus by state or local authorities, or college personnel, will forfeit his/her right to play on the team and will be immediately suspended from the team for the duration of the semester, participation in the athletic program for the duration of the year, and possibly suspended from any future participation in the athletic program.
  • Any student athlete who is of legal age must refrain from drinking during any college sponsored event on or off campus.

3. Tobacco:

The use of any tobacco products by any coach, player, official or other individual involved in the conducting of any NJCAA sponsored practice, regular season or postseason play is prohibited within the confines of the playing area. Any individual not in compliance shall be disqualified from further participation in that contest.

  1. Other Drugs:
  2. Inappropriate Language: Student athletes must refrain from using any inappropriate language, and/or swearing, at practice and during athletic contests.
  1. Student athletes are required to refrain from partaking of drugs that are not prescribed by a physician.
  2. Student athletes caught by any member of the coaching staff or college personnel, or state or local authorities, will forfeit his/her right to play on the team and will be immediately suspended from the team for the duration of the semester, participation in the athletic program for the duration of the year, and possibly suspended from any future participation in the athletic program.


  1. As a representative of the athletic program and college, all student athletes must dress properly at all off-campus contests. Acceptable attire will be established by the Athletic Director.
  2. Practice and game uniforms will be laundered on campus and must be worn in accordance with athletic standards.
  3. For practice sessions and game days, appropriate footwear will be determined by the Head Coach for each sport.


  1. All injuries and sickness will be reported immediately to the coaches and trainers in order that treatment can be initiated as promptly as possible.
  2. The coach will write an incident report for the injury or illness that occurs during practice[s] or contests. It will be submitted to the Vice President and Dean of Students and Enrollment Management Office immediately after the incident.


  1. Student athletes are expected to assist the team managers and Assistant for Athletics in keeping the locker rooms and Athletic Distribution Room (ADR) in a clean an orderly condition. All trash will be properly disposed of in the trash container located in the locker rooms and ADR.
  2. No spikes will be worn in any part of the locker rooms, ADR, or main building. Head coaches will instruct teams as to proper care of their athletic footwear.


  1. No one, except the coaches, managers, Assistant for Athletics, Clerk/Typist, and Athletic Director will be allowed in the Athletic Distribution Room. All equipment will be issued by the managers and coaches with assistance from the Assistant for Athletics.
  2. Student athletes are responsible for all equipment issued. If any equipment is removed from the locker room, the student athlete is responsible for it.
  3. Student athletes are required to take care of all equipment in an appropriate manner.
  4. The equivalent value of lost equipment or equipment that was not returned by the student athlete will be added to the student athlete’s college bill. This includes all team uniforms and warm-up equipment and garments. A financial hold will also be placed on the student’s records. Holds can only be removed from a record when the equipment is returned or reimbursement has been made to the college.


It is the responsibility of the coaches and athletic staff to assist in the enforcement of all items mentioned above. This will be accomplished by:

  1. Monitoring coursework and grades to insure appropriate attendance and completion of work necessary to achieve goals.
  2. Giving the best possible athletic education to assure that understanding and good sportsmanship is exhibited on the playing field.

Statement of Basic Responsibilities

Participants shall recognize their responsibility for proper conduct at any tournament, contest or event sponsored by the NJCAA or its member colleges.

Coaches shall recognize and assume responsibility for the actions of themselves and their team members. Each coach who has participants competing in the event shall be responsible for informing each member of the code.

Eligibility Rules

As a member of the NJCAA, Columbia-Greene Community College follows all current rules of the association which can be found at www.